Thank you for taking your time to check out my art! I’m a local photographer based out of White Salmon, WA. Originally I am from Portland, Oregon growing up there with my folks along with going to school and being an active kid. After a few years in the Air Force and coming back to the Pacific Northwest, I found a good job out here with Insitu and it was living out here that I found a passion that I cared so much about.

Living in such a beautiful place, I am constantly surrounded by amazing landscape and eye dropping views (The Gorge, Mt. Hood etc..). I’ve always seemed to have an eye for beautiful things and with my phone would always snap pictures and post them up and get more and more attention along the way! January 2017 I decided to get myself a camera and tripod and start learning more about photography. Through a lot of self-taught methods along with practice and help from other friends/photographers I began to see this grow into something more than I could’ve imagined…

Photography is a way to display my passion for the beauty I get to enjoy and surround myself with. My goal is to inspire people to do more, live more and live happily! Sometimes that means staying up all night for that perfect Milky Way shot, or braving through the snow and freezing temperatures to get that crisp sunrise we all enjoy seeing!

I’m happy to call the Pacific Northwest home and be able to travel around spreading these scenes to those who don’t always get to enjoy them with their own eyes.

Please feel to reach out if you are interested in my prints, have questions about what I do or how I do it, or even if you’d like to join me on one of my adventures!  I'd love to hear from you!

Jesse Brackenbury



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